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Sarayu River –Holiness and Greatness of Sarayu River in Hinduism

Sarayu is one of the sacred rivers in the Ramayana. Its holiness and greatness in Hinduism is associated with Bhagavan Sri Ram. The holy city of Ayodhya is located on the banks of Sarayu River.

It is a tributary of Ganga River and one who takes bath in the river will be absolved of all sins.

Legend has it that once Sage Vasishta blocked the course of Ganga on its way to Kailash at Manasarovar. But Ganga broke the obstacle and flowed on as Sarayu River.

It is one of the holy rivers to be remembered by Hindus at dawn and dusk.

Bhagavan Sri Ram and Lakshman entered the Sarayu River and disappeared from earth.

Every year during Ram Navami, thousands of people take holy dip in the Sarayu River.