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How to do Ketu Puja? – Worship of Navgraha Ketu

Ketu is one among the Navgrahas or nine planets worshipped in Hinduism. Ketu is also an important graham in astrology and he is believed to have a tenure of seven years in a person’s horoscope. Ketu puja and worship is performed to get rid of the ill effects in one’s horoscope. Unfavorable position of Ketu in horoscope or Kundali is believed to cause skin diseases.

Ketu is worshipped along with Hindu God Shiva. The offerings that are made are oil, til, blanket, clothes and blue flowers. It is also good to donate clothes to the poor and needy.

The best time to worship Ketu is night.

The Beej mantra that is chanted while worshiping Ketu is –

Om stram streem strom saha ketave namaha