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Panchachara – Five Codes of Conduct in Virashaivism or Lingayat Sect

Panchachara are the five codes of conduct in Virashaivism or Lingayat Sect. They are:

Lingachara – daily worship of Shivling as the only God.

Sadachara – leading moral and virtuous life.

Shivachara – all people are to be treated as the devotees of Shiva.

Bhrtyachara – humility towards Shiva and his devotees.

Ganachara – good conduct of gana or group. No devotee can bear the use of abusive language against the master and ill treatment of men and animals. The obligation is to promote the welfare of everyone and thereby develop Lingayat sect.

Basvanna is considered to be the founder of Lingayatism or Lingayat Sect or Veerashaivism. The sect brought about sweeping social changes in Karnataka and surrounding regions around 900 years ago.