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Oval-Shaped Shivling – Reason For Shivalinga In The Shape Of Oval

Some Shivlings are oval shaped especially the Banalinga. God as per Hindu concept is formless and That can only be represented symbolically. Shivling in the shape of oval is one such form and here is the reason for the oval shape.

Symbolically the oval-shaped Shivling represents the universe. It is divided into two halves sky and earth.

The Linga Purana gives an apt interpretation of the Shivling as a cosmic pillar, symbolizing the infinite nature of Shiva. It describes the Shivling as a complete symbolic representation of the formless universe, where the oval-shaped stone describes the entire manifested universe; the bottom base is representative of the supreme power that holds the entire creation in it.

The oval has the shape of an egg. Egg is considered the source of life in which both male and female forms are united.