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Galava Maharshi

Galava Maharishi was a great saint and grammarian mentioned in the Markandeya Purana. The name of Galava Maharshi is also found in the list of teachers in Shukla Yajurveda. His name is also mentioned by Panini.

As per Markandeya Purana, once Galava Maharshi was oppressed by a demon. Ritadvaja, son of King Satrujita, came to the help of Galava. The demon was very powerful and could not be easily overpowered.

Sage Galava then gifted Ritadvaja a divine horse, which was presented to him by the Devas. Riding on the horse, the prince defeated the demon.
Please note that there are several personalities in Hindu Puranas with the name Galava – one is a disciple of Sage Vishwamitra (Mahabharata Udyoga Parva); another is a son of Sage Vishwamitra; another is a yogacharya and a minister of King Brahmadatta of Panchala.

Pasha Weapon in Hindu Religion – Pasa or Noose as Weapon

In Hindu religion, Pasha is the noose with two or three ropes. It is triangular in shape, embellished with balls of lead. Agni Purana describes eleven ways of skillfully using Pasha.

As per the Purana, it can be used turning back, advancing forward, using it lightly and also extraordinarily quickly and rendering asunder.

As per Agni Purana, cotton thread, munja grass, leather or sinews of animals were used to make the noose.

It could be thirty cubits long and folded up in three rings. It was held on the left side, then taken to the right and whirled over the head.
SourceEncyclopedia of Hinduism Volume XI published by Indian Heritage Research Foundation.

Good Date for Travel in May 2017 – Good and Auspicious Dates for Journey in May 2017

Some Hindus look for good date for travels, especially long distance journey, foreign travel, while traveling on plane, train etc. Here are the good and auspicious dates for journey in May 2017 for travels.

May 1 May 2 May 4 May 5 May 7 May 8 May 9 good till 3:30 PM May 11 is good after 5:20 PM May 14 is good after 10:20 AM
May 15 May 16
May 17 is good till 4:30 PM May 18 May 19 is good till 8:35 PM May 22
May 23 is good till 12:01 PM May 27 May 28
May 29 is good after 11:10 AM May 30
May 31

Only Way to Purify the Mind Is To Think Pure Thoughts – Swami Smaranananda

The only way to purify the mind is to think pure thoughts.

If there is a genuine quest, answers can be got from your mind itself.

To aim to be desireless is not dangerous. In this mortal world, all things are fraught with fear; only dispassion and renunciation, leads to fearlessness.

If you can free your mind from desires and negative thoughts, it is possible to solve all problems.

If you get rid of pleasures, the mind would become free from pain. A person who is free from pleasure or pain will be calm and serene under all circumstances.
Get rid of attachment; then you need not fear rejection by anything or anybody.
– Swami Smaranananda