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Pinaka – The Bow That Ram Broke To Marry Sita

Pinaka was the bow that Sri Ram broke during the Swayamvara in the Ramayana to marry Sita. Pinaka, also written as Peenaka or Peenak, is the bow of God Shiva and He had gifted it to Parashuram, the incarnation of Vishnu. King Janaka of Mithila received it from Parashurama. One condition that was set by King Janaka for marrying Sita Devi was that the participant in the Swayamvara should lift the Pinaka bow and tie its string. Sri Ram lifted the bow and in his attempt to tie the string, the bow broke into two with a thunderous sound that shook the universe. Legend has it that the Pinaka bow was gifted to Parashurama, the sixth Avatar (incarnation of Vishnu), by Shiva. Parashurama before going for deep meditation and austerities had given it to King Janaka for safe keeping. Eight strong men were needed to move the Pinaka bow around. It is said that Child Sita Devi once while playing with her sisters had pushed the table around on which the Pinaka was placed. King Janaka w

Goddess Jagdamba

Goddess Jagdamba is one among the numerous forms of Mother Goddess Shakti. Amba means mother and in this form She is the mother of the Universe. The name Jagdamba is used in Puranas and other scriptures when Goddess Shakti takes a peaceful form. Some stories in the Puranas state that before the beginning of a cycle of creation, Goddess Jagdamba appears before Vishnu and asks him to start the next cycle of creation. Some people use the name Amba and Jagdamba for the same form of Goddess Shakti. Exclusive temples dedicated to Goddess Jagdamba are found in Maharashtra and in western parts of India. Some tribes in India worship Mother Goddess in the form of Jagdamba.