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Shahji Temple at Vrindavan – Tede Khambe Wala Mandir

Dedicated to Bhagvan Sri Krishna, Shahji Temple at Loi Bazaar in Vrindavan is popularly known as Tede Khambe Wala Mandir meaning ‘temple with spiral pillars.’ The temple is known as Shahji Temple as it was built in 1876 by two wealthy jewelers from Lucknow named Shah Kundan Lal and Shah Fundan Lal.

The main murti worshipped in the temple is that of Radha and Krishna. The murtis the main sanctum sanctorum are too small and therefore they are popularly known as Chote Radha Raman. There is also a murti of Goddess Ganga in the shrine.

The temple is famous for its exquisite and beautiful architecture. The entire temple is made of Italian marble. There are 12 pillars made of white marble in the temple.

The faces of the two brothers who built the temple are engraved on the floor. This is because the two brothers believed the entire Brij Bhoomi to be a temple. They wanted their faces to be covered with the holy sand when devotees invariably stepped on them.

There is a room in the temple complex which is opened to public only twice a year. The ceilings and walls have many paintings. It also has 15 Belgian Chandeliers and three fountains.