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Sati Ansuya Mata Mandir at Paradsinga Village near Nagpur in Maharashtra – Sati Ansuya Temple at Paradsinga

Sati Ansuya Mata Mandir is a popular religious place at Paradsinga Village near Nagpur in Maharashtra. The temple is dedicated to Sati Ansuya Mata a popular female saint – who lived during the 19th century. She was a great saint in the Bhakti tradition in Maharashtra. She performed numerous miracles during her lifetime.

Sati Ansuya Mata was born on 5th May, 1926 and she left her physical body on 10 January, 1997. During her stay on earth she helped the needy and poor, she cured the illness of many people, she brought water to dried wells, she showed the correct path to her devotees…innumerable are her miracles.

Sati Ansuya Mata Mandir is the place where Sati Ansuya Mata left her physical body.

The temple complex is divided into three parts – Dhuni, Dhyan Mandir and Samadhi Mandir.

Dhuni Mandir is where one can see an eternal flame which is burning continuously. Udi, the sacred ash of the fire, is considered very powerful and pious and it is distributed among devotees.

Dhyan Mandir is the place where Mata lived for five years – before that she resided in her home in Paradsinga Village. Paintings of Mata and items used by Mata are found here.

Samadhi Mandir is the final resting place of Mata and there is murti of her here.

Paradsinga is 64km from Nagpur via Katol. Paradsinga is 9km away from Katol.