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Chotila Chamunda – Twin Hindu Goddess Chamunda and Chotila

Chamunda and Chotila Devi are forms of Goddess Shakti (Parvati) worshipped mainly in certain regions of Gujarat. The twin goddesses are depicted as seated atop a lion. There are numerous stories that try to explain why Chotila Chamunda appears as twins but none of them are conclusive. So the origin and reason of their origin and why they incarnated are lost or hidden from human reach. The Goddesses are very powerful and thousands devotees have benefited by worshipping this unique twin form of Goddess Shakti.

Chotila and Chamunda Hindu Goddess

Chamunda wears red sari and Chotila wears green sari, trident or Trishul is their weapon and their temples are located atop a mountain. A pot is usually placed before the twin goddesses and this indicates fertility cult. The goddesses are depicted as sitting on a lion.

Some texts and scholars are of the view that Chamunda and Chotila are sisters. Others are of the view that they are friends who came together to achieve a divine goal.

A legend says that the two forms – were taken by Goddess Shakti to annihilate demons Chanda and Munda.

One thing that is certain is that the two goddesses are warriors and they remove Adharma and install and maintain the progress of Dharma.

The most famous Chotila Chamunda Devi Temple is located at Chotial near Rajkot in Gujarat.

Please note that Chamunda is one of the forms of Goddess Durga that she took during her war with the demon Mahisha. And this is the most popular form of Chamunda and in this form she is mainly worshipped in eastern parts of India.

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