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Bahinabai – A Maratha Bhakti Saint – She Was a Devotee of Sant Tukaram Maharaj

Bahinabai was a great Bhakti Saint during the 17th century in Maharashtra. Bahina or Bahini is a Varkari female-saint. She was born in an orthodox Brahmin family and was already married when she became a follower of Sant Tukaram Maharaj. Her devotional verses are famous and are also translated into English.

Her husband and family were initially furious of her following Sant Tukaram Maharaj as he was from low caste and also not from the traditional spiritual learning. But later her husband realized his mistake and accepted her decision.

Her poems describe her disillusionment with life, difficulties in the path of devotion and her attainment of inner joy with the help of Sant Tukaram Maharaj.

She described the problems faced by high-caste women – like no right to listen or read the Vedas, not allowed to chant Gayatri mantra or Om, not allowed to listen or participate in philosophical conversations etc.

It was through the teaching of Sant Tukaram Maharaj (who was not bodily present) that she attained liberation.

Bahinabai (1629 to 1700)