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Panchanga Namaskar – How to perform Panch-Anga Namaskaram?

Panchanga Namaskar, or Panch-Anga Namaskaram, is a mode worshipping the deity in a Hindu Temple. This form of worship is mainly advised for women. Panch means five and anga here refers to body parts. The Panchanga are Knees, palms, forehead, folded hands and one-pointed mind.

Standing on knees one touches forehead on the ground with the support of the palms. After this standing on knees one prays to the deity with folded hands (namaskaram) and one-pointed mind.

It is believed that this form of namaskaram helps in strengthening the womb of women.

While on knees and offering prayers, the eyes are closed tightly and folded hands are held above the head.