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Vadakumnathan Temple in Thrissur in Kerala wins UNESCO prize - Award of Excellence 2015

UNESCO prize – Award of Excellence 2015 – is given annually for the remarkable conservation effort undertaken by a sacred site. In 2015, Vadakumnathan Temple in Thrissur in Kerala is chosen for award of excellence. This majestic temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is one of the oldest temples in Kerala. Legend has it that Lord Parashuram installed the murti worshiped here.

The Hindu reports 
“The award recognizes the remarkable conservation effort undertaken at the sacred site which employed age-old rituals and conservation techniques drawn from Vastu Sastra focusing on architecture and construction,” UNESCO said in a statement. 
As such, the tangible attributes of the temple were inextricably linked with its intangible heritage which dates back generations, thus ensuring that “spirit of place” resonates throughout the site, the U.N. body said.
A classic example of the Kerala style of architecture, the temple has many decorative murals and pieces of art. Exquisite murals on the Mahabharata adorn the walls of the shrine.

The world famous Thrissur Pooram annually takes place in front of the Vadakumnathan Temple. It must be noted that Vadukumnathan Temple remains a spectator during the festival. Vadakumnathan (Shiva) receives the respects from the 10 temple deities but does not take part in the Pooram.