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Kavadi Festival at Adityapuram Surya Temple near Kottayam in Kerala – Kavadi Mahotsavam 2024 Date

Kavadi Festival at Adityapuram Surya Temple is observed on the last Sunday in Meda Masam (April – May) and Vrischika Masam (November – December) at Adityapuram near Kottayam in Kerala. The Kavadi Mahotsavam is a three day festival and the Kavadi is taken on the last day of the festival. Kavadi Mahotsavam 2024 date in Meda Masam is May 12.

The temple is a rare shrine in India as it is exclusively dedicated to Surya. The presiding deity in the shrine is Adithya – sun god. No other Navgrahas are worshipped in the shrine.

Kavadi is a bamboo pole, balanced across the shoulders with, suspended with any holy items. The Kavadi is taken for fulfillment of desires, as thanksgiving for wish fulfillment, for peace and prosperity.

Thousands of people witness this annual event.

The last Sunday in Medam and Vrishickam is specifically chosen for the festival because it is when the power of Sun is at its highest.

The Kavadi in Meda Masam is also famous for Abhishekam and Raktachandana Kavadi.