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Book: English Translation of Nine Tandirams of Tirumandiram

Tirumandiram composed over 2000 years by Siddha Tirumular is a classical Shaiva Siddanta philosophy work and is also related to yoga, Tantra and spirituality. This classic text contains nine chapters, known as nine tandirams. The current English translation of Tirumandiram by Babaji’s Kriya Yoga, a Canadian based publisher and charity, contains its transliteration, translation and commentary in nine volumes and a 10th volume with Glossary, select bibliography and index in separate tenth volume.

From the Publishers:

 Saint TirumularWhat is it that inspires us to publish the Tirumandiram? Put simply, this great work inspires us to realize our greatest potential as human beings. As humans we have the unique ability, unlike any other species, to not only conceive of perfection, but to notice our own imperfections. Furthermore we have the imagination and the power to devise means and apply these means to transforming ourselves perfectly.

The word Siddha refers to one who has become perfected through the scientific art of Yoga. The author of the Tirumandiram, Tirumalar, is a Siddha, who laughs at the limitations of ordinary human nature: the stains: ignorance of our true identity, egoism, delusion and our collected habits, our past karma.

And he speaks to us not in some dry, philosophical tone, but in first person, with the joy and inspiration of one whose deepest aspirations for the Divine have been fulfilled by the Beloved. He also instructs us in the myriad ways in which humanity loses itself, how through the practice of yogic sadhana, one cannot only find the Truth, but surrendering to it, become transformed, physically, vitally, mentally, intellectually, spiritually.

His words are as relevant to us today as they were two thousand years ago, because our human nature has not changed. The Tirumandiram is therefore a pathway to God realization and to perfecting the potential of human nature.

The following eminent scholars have translated the nine tandirams.

  • Tandirams 1, 2 and 3 - Translated by Sri. T.V. Venkataraman
  • Tandiram 4 - Translated by Dr. T.N. Ramachandran
  • Tandiram 5 - Translated by Dr. KR. Arumugam
  • Tandiram 7 - Translated by Dr. P.S. Somasundaram
  • Tandiram 8 - Translated by Dr. S.N. Kandasamy
  • Tandirams 6 & 9 - Translated by Dr. T.N. Ganapathy
  • Tenth Volume - Glossary & Select Bibliography by DR. TNG - and index by Dr. Ramesh Babus.

Pre-publication Rs. 4,400/- or US$100 or CAD$115.50 plus Rs 2400 or $50 for shipping by surface post.

The book will be launched on January 17, 2010

You can order the book online here at the official website of Babaji’s Kriya Yoga Bookstore.