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Jitamitra Teertharu Aradhana - Sri Jitamitra Teerthara Aradhane

Jitamitra Teertharu is teacher and scholar from the medieval period associated with the Madhwa community. Jitamitra Teertharu Aradhana 2024 date is December 30. Annually Sri Jitamitra Teerthara Aradhane is held on the Margashirsha Amavasya day. This is the day when the great saint disappeared from the earth.

Jitamitra Teertharu was born as Anantappa. Through strong devotion and knowledge he was able to get the blessings of the Lord Vishnu. Legend has it that a Shaligram stone opened its mouth and took food from Anandappa.

Sri Vibhudendra Theertharu who witnessed this miracle gave Sanyasa Ashrama to Anantappa and named him as Jitamitra Tirtha.

There are numerous miracles associated with Jitamitra Teertharu – once Jitamitra Tirtha was imparting lessons to his students on the banks of Krishna River. Suddenly there was a flash flood and all the students ran away. After seven days when the students returned to the spot they found Jitamitra Tirtha still in a meditation posture and the flash flood had no effect on him.

The great saint is believed to have disappeared under a Gonada Tree (Gum Tree) at Jitamita Sannidhana at Shivpur Village in Shahapur Taluk of Gulbarga District, Karnataka.