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Shani Temple at Kharsali Village in Uttar Kashi in Uttarakhand

There is a unique temple dedicated to Lord Shani Temple at Kharsali Village in Uttar Kashi in Uttarakhand. This unique Shani Devata Temple is a four-storied Temple and the idol of Lord Shani is kept on the fourth floor. The village lies on the famous Hanuman Chatti – Yamunotri route and is about 6 km before the Yamunotri Shrine.

One of the Yamunotri Bhog Murti – the idol used during ritual at the Yamunotri Temple is kept at Kharsali Shani Temple. The Yamunotri Temple remains closed during the winter season from November to April.

Shani Temple at Kharsali Village has Buddhist influence. As the temple is located in a flood and earthquake prone area it is protected by wooden stilts. A narrow wooden staircase takes the visitor to the fourth floor where a bronze statue of Lord Shani is installed.

From the temple one can get an excellent view of the Yamunotri Peak.

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