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Book: Power in Temples – A Modern Perspective – the Science Behind Hindu Temples

‘Power in Temples – A Modern Perspective’ is an attempt to unravel the science behind the concept of Hindu temples and the mode of worship in Hinduism. Written by Srikant and published by Integral books, the book is an in-depth study of Hindu temples and how they are the channels for communion with Reality. The book was published around 22 years ago and is currently into its sixth edition.

So what is the book all about –

Temple worship is an applied science of spirituality evolved by the ancient explorers of Truth and a modern investigation into the subtle technology involved may lead us to a rational understanding of spirituality. (The words of the author.)

The book is a modern investigation to unravel the science in Hindu temples and the hidden symbols in Hindu scriptures and stories.

The book is published by Integral Books at Kanhangad, Kerala. You can read more about the book and but it online here at the official website of Integral Books.

Power in Temples – A Modern Perspective
Written by Srikant
Published by Integral Books
Price – Rs/- 225 – US$ 18
Pages 240