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Osho Birthday – Birth Anniversary of Rajneesh

The birthday of Osho falls on December 11. Admirers and students of Osho Rajneesh have already started his birthday celebrations in 2009 with meditation camps etc. Some admirers are of the opinion that celebrating December 11 as the birth date of Osho is against his teachings as he never wanted to make a religion out of him, or worship him as a cult figure. These are the opinions of admirers and students of Osho but vast majority of common people still considers Osho as a mystery figure and associate him with free sex and Rolls Royce cars.

Forget the skeptics, forget the students and admirers and their views on Osho’s birthday – for a true seeker what matters is his thoughts and teachings which has the power to remove the thick dust which is hiding the Supreme Truth in us. And his teachings are available 24x7 so you don’t need to wait for his birthday for it.

So what did Osho think about his birthday – here is a small quote from his speech (book) - This Very Body the Buddha, Ch 1 "The Lions Roar"

I was thinking what should I give to you today? Because this is my birthday, I was incarnated into this body on this day. This is the day I saw for the first time the green of the trees and the blue of the skies. This was the day I for the first time opened my eyes and saw God all around. Of course the word 'God' didn't exist at that moment, but what I saw was God. I was thinking what should I give to you today?

Then I remembered a saying of Buddha: sabba danam dhamma danana jnati -- the gift of truth excels all other gifts. And my truth is love.

In love you disappear, your mind disappears. In love you come to an utter relaxation. That's my teaching to you, I teach love. And there is nothing higher than love."

Osho – (11 December 1931 – 19 January 1990) – didn’t the above quote of his talk to you? So is the 19th January date relevant…