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Shiva Nataraja in Porcelain figurine from Lladro – A Rare Nataraja Idol in Porcelain

Lladro, a Spanish firm noted for high quality porcelain figurine, has release a Limited Edition figurine of Shiva Nataraja during Fall 2009. Nataraja idol is an impressive reproduction in porcelain of Shiva, the Hindu God associated with Creation and Destruction. Lladro Shiva as Nataraja costs $4700 which is around 220,000 Indian rupees.

Due to the complexity of the structure and painting, the representation of Shiva as Nataraja is usually only found in brass or copper, but has never been depicted in porcelain before – claims Lladro press release.

Shiva, when depicted in a dancing pose, is called Nataraja, a symbol of the act of creation. When Shiva performs the cosmic dance, he arouses energies that can shape the world. His position reveals the path of liberation for every soul and every detail has a symbolic meaning in the sculpture.

The complicated process of creation of this Limited Edition sculpture of 3,000 units implied an exercise of virtuosity and delicacy in matching accurately all the different parts to keep the harmony and good proportions of the piece.

Hand-painted with soft colors and intense enamels, and finished in glazed porcelain, this masterful piece not only has a deep symbolic meaning, but also a stunning decorative power.

The sculpture is now available online at Lladro store and also at Lladro Boutiques and Authorized Retailers.