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Name of the Months in a Hindu Calendar

The Hindu calendar is based on the lunar and solar system. There are twelve lunar months in a year and begins with Chaitra (March - April). But as many of the calendars are based on the lunar system there will be a difference of 11 days in year from the Gregorian or English calendar. This difference of 11 days is solved by adding an extra month known as Adhik Mas to a Hindu Year after 32 months.
The Hindu months are
Chaitra – (March – April)
Vaishakh – (April – May)
Jaishta – (May – June)
Ashada – (June – July)
Shravan – (July – August)
Bhadrapad – (August – September)
Ashwin – (September – October)
Kartik – (October – November)
Margasheersh – (November – December)
Paush – (December – January)
Magh – (January – February)
Phalgun – (February – March)