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This World Is A Den Of Miseries – There Is A Way Out Of The Den

This world is a den of miseries; there is no real joy in worldly pleasures. Earthly love is gross and selfish. Divine love is the goal of life, and it alone can save human beings from miseries. Herein lies the liberation of man.

Ramakrishna said: ‘You must have heard about the tremendous power of faith. It is said in the
Purana that Rama, who was God Himself — the embodiment of Absolute Brahman — had to build
a bridge to cross the sea to Ceylon [now Sri Lanka]. But Hanuman, trusting in Rama’s name, cleared the sea in one jump and reached the other side. He had no need of a bridge.’ (Gospel Of Sri Ramakrishna, 87.)

Sri Ramakrishna said: Faithful devotees always feel the all-auspicious Bhagavan in their hearts and are never discouraged, even when facing thousands of dangers.’

This worldly relationship is momentary; a physical relationship is nothing but slavery. Look, the union between Atman and Atman never breaks; in that plane one enjoys bliss continuously. Offer your heart to Lord Shiva and we will be united in God-consciousness forever. Dissolve your mind in the Atman and shun all worldly relationships. This non-dualistic knowledge will remove all perception of multiplicity and you will find no difference between man and woman.

God is looking after all. And not only that, He looks after birds and beasts, ants and insects. He
provides food and shelter to each and all. I watch him and enjoy the fun. He plays hide and seek. He
is everywhere, supplying everything to all, and people think they are doing everything themselves. If you watch carefully, you will enjoy this worldly fun and frivolities. In every home you will see the
puppet show going on.

This tremendous determination to struggle, a hundredfold more determination than that which you put forth to gain anything which belongs to this life, is the first great preparation. And then along with it, there must be meditation. Meditation is the one thing. Meditate! The greatest thing is meditation. It is the nearest approach to spiritual life — the mind meditating. It is the one moment in our daily life that we are not at all material — the Soul thinking of Itself, free from all matter — this marvelous touch of the Soul! — (Swami Vivekananda)