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What Are The Eight Powers Of Hanuman?

In Hindu tradition, Hanuman is a deity known for his exceptional strength, courage, and devotion. The eight powers of Hanuman are often mentioned in various scriptures and folklore. They are:

  1. Anima: The power to reduce one's size or become smaller than the smallest particle.
  2. Mahima: The power to expand one's size infinitely, becoming larger than the largest object.
  3. Garima: The power to increase one's weight infinitely, becoming heavier than any material object.
  4. Laghima: The power to become lighter than the lightest object, enabling one to fly effortlessly.
  5. Prapti: The power to instantly reach any desired location, regardless of distance or obstacles.
  6. Prakamya: The power to fulfill any wish or desire.
  7. Isitva: The power of lordship or control over various beings and realms.
  8. Vashitva: The power to control and influence others, including animals and elements of nature.

These powers are symbolic of Hanuman's divine attributes and illustrate his prowess as a devoted disciple of Lord Rama.