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Eight Daily Rituals And Pujas Of Pushtimarg Sect

The eight daily rituals and pujas of the pushtimarg sect are to be performed at the shrine of child Sri Krishna. These are

  1. Mangalacharana (invocation of the deity),
  2. Sringara (adorning the consecrated image with beautiful clothes, jewelry, flowers, sandal paste, etc),
  3. Gvala (sending off the cowherd boys for their daily pastoral activities),
  4. Rajabhoga (sumptuous afternoon meal),
  5. Utthapana (rising after rest),
  6. Bhoga (ritual evening meal),
  7. Sandya arati (evening waving of oil lamps)
  8. Sayana (ritual of putting to bed).

There were special songs describing each activity of the deity and the Ashtachap poets composed new lyrics daily, to be sung at these rituals. Today these contemporaries of the founder and his son are honored as ashta sakha (the incarnations of eight special friends of Bhagavan Sri Krishna).