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Story Of Sage Mudgala In Rig Veda

The story of Sage Mudgala from Rig Veda, specifically in the hymn 10.102, tells of a courageous and resourceful sage who takes action when his cows are stolen. Mudgala, a revered sage, faced the distressing situation of having his precious cows taken away by thieves. However, rather than succumbing to despair or seeking revenge in anger, Mudgala devised a clever plan to retrieve his stolen property.

In his determination to reclaim his cows, Mudgala harnessed an old ox to his cart, demonstrating his practicality and resilience. With a resolve fueled by his righteousness, he embarked on a pursuit of the thieves who had dared to steal from him. Alongside him, his devoted wife, Mudgalani, played a crucial role by driving the cart, demonstrating solidarity and support in their shared endeavor.

As they followed the trail of the thieves, Mudgala's resolve remained steadfast. When they finally caught up with the thieves, Mudgala did not hesitate to confront them. Armed with his drughana, a wooden mace symbolic of his strength and determination, he bravely confronted the thieves and engaged them in battle.

Despite facing adversity, Mudgala emerged victorious, using his resourcefulness and courage to rout the thieves and reclaim his stolen cows. The story of Sage Mudgala in Rig Veda thus serves as a timeless tale of resilience, determination, and the triumph of righteousness over adversity. It highlights the importance of taking action in the face of injustice and the power of unity and support in overcoming challenges.

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