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Purushcarana In Tantra

There are five constituent elements of Purushcarana (performance) in Tantra, namely puja (worship) three times a day, japa (uttering of the mantra), tarpana (offerings), homa (oblation) and offering of food to the needy. If any of these cannot be carried out, then one should perform japa (repetition) of the mantra twice as many times the number prescribed for that constituent.

Certain places are considered fit for Purushcarana. Holy temple towns, river banks, caves, mountain tops, ground near the tirtha (sacred places), confluence of rivers, holy forests, roof of the bilva trees, temples, sea shores and the like are fit for Purushcarana. A performer should avoid sexual intercourse, flesh, wine, etc. He should refrain from speaking untruth and should control the sense organs.

It is said that a performer engaged in the Purushcarana may face obstacles in the first three years, but should carry on this spiritual pursuit undaunted. From the fourth year he will be surrounded by disciples that serve him. After seven years, even kings will approach him for favors and after nine years, he will constantly hear Vedic chants and sweet music. He will witness wonderful things and experience supreme bliss. He will be free from hunger and sleep. He will attain the siddhis (powers) like anima (becoming small like an atom), Garima (becoming heavy) and laghima (levitation) by anugraha (grace) of Shakti.