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The Infinite Reality And Inner Divinity As The Object Of Worship

Sri Ramakrishna describes two of his mystical experiences: ‘One day, while worshipping Shiva, I was about to offer a bel leaf on the head of the image, when it was revealed to me that this Virat, this Universe, itself is Shiva. After that my worship through the image came to an end.

Another day I had been plucking flowers, when it was revealed to me that the flowering plants
were so many bouquets ... adorning the Universal Form of God. That was the end of my pluck
ing flowers.’

Vivekananda’s voice is the voice of Sri Ramakrishna, which is the voice of ancient India and Vedanta inviting humanity to discover the infinite Reality, within as the Atman and without as Virat, the palpable form of Brahman. The first glance revealed the monumental debris of world history. An enlightened second glance will reveal a truly unified world order based on the inner divinity, with Virat as the object of worship.