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Guru Ghasidas Jayanti

Guru Ghasidas Jayanti commemorates the birth anniversary of Guru Ghasidas, a revered figure in Chhattisgarh and a prominent leader of the Satnami community. Guru Ghasidas Jayanti is celebrated annually on December 18. In 2024, it is the 268th Jayanti of Guru Ghasidas. Born on December 18, 1756, in Giroudpuri village (now Giraudpuri in Baloda Bazar, Chhattisgarh), Guru Ghasidas belonged to the Chamar community. He emerged as a beacon of spiritual wisdom and social reform during the early 19th century, advocating for the principles of truth (Satnam) and equality.

Guru Ghasidas' upbringing exposed him to the injustices perpetuated by the caste system, motivating him to embark on a journey to challenge societal inequalities. He traversed Chhattisgarh, engaging with communities and spreading his teachings of Satnam. His message resonated particularly with the marginalized sections of society, offering them hope and empowerment.

One of Guru Ghasidas' significant contributions was the establishment of the Satnami community, which emphasized the pursuit of truth and equality. He introduced the concept of Jai Stambh, a symbol of truth represented by a white-painted log of wood topped with a white flag. This symbol served as a reminder that those who uphold truth are unwavering and stand as pillars of righteousness. The white flag symbolized peace, reflecting Guru Ghasidas' vision of a harmonious society based on mutual respect and understanding.

Guru Ghasidas' legacy endured through his son, Guru Balakdas, who continued to propagate his father's teachings after his passing. The Satnami community flourished, becoming a significant spiritual and social force in Chhattisgarh, advocating for justice and equality.

Guru Ghasidas Jayanti is celebrated annually on December 18, honoring his profound impact on the region's cultural and spiritual landscape. It serves as a reminder of his timeless teachings of truth, compassion, and social justice, inspiring generations to strive for a more equitable and inclusive society.