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Flying In Yoga – Akashagamana

The concept of flying, or "Akashagamana," within the realm of yoga is deeply rooted in the mystical sciences and philosophies of ancient traditions. Within the Yogasutras of Patanjali, specifically in verse 3.42, there is a reference to this extraordinary power, suggesting that it is achievable through the practice of concentration, meditation, and superconscious experience, collectively known as samyama.

Akashagamana involves understanding the relationship between space (akasha or ether) both outside and inside the body. By concentrating on this relationship and progressing through the stages of dharana (concentration), dhyana (meditation), and samadhi (superconscious experience), practitioners aim to realize the exact nature of this connection. Through this realization, they may unlock the technique of levitation, which allows for movement through space unbound by the laws of gravity.

Furthermore, the mastery of Akashagamana can be facilitated by practicing samyama on light objects such as cotton. This practice enables one to comprehend the essence of lightness, which can then be applied or superimposed upon the practitioner's own body.

In essence, the pursuit of Akashagamana in yoga represents a profound exploration of the relationship between the physical body and the surrounding space, as well as an endeavor to transcend the limitations imposed by gravity through disciplined meditation and concentration techniques.