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Sri Narayana Guru And Worship Of Goddess Sharada Devi

Sri Narayana Guru, 19th century sage and social reformer in Kerala, did wonders in Kerala society through his humanistic philosophy and commitment to social reform and equality. He taught the ideal of ‘One caste, one religion and one God for mankind’ and stressed social self-upliftment of the downtrodden. He was an ardent devotee of Goddess Sharada Devi.

In 1912 started building a temple for Sharada Devi at Sivagiri in Kerala.

On the occasion of laying the foundation of the temple, he composed a highly mystical and musical hymn consisting of nine verses in the Mattebham metre

Here are a few lines from these deeply mystical verses on Ma Sharada which describe Her mystery as cosmic consciousness manifesting in this planet as infinite variety of forms.

This variegated upsurging display
Caused by the non-existent Maya
In beingness is no other
Than Consciousness pure.
Gaining that state of beingness
Alone would suffice for me.
O Mother of the blemish-less awareness
Easy to gain and exalting at once
That everyone always seeks! [verse 2]

You do endure as Sat
And as Chit also above it
And both together forming Ananda,
And also as the mind
That is aware of the three.
O Mother, so great as to be
Unattainable even to
Unworldly psychic attainments! [verse 8]
Your eternal residence is
The one all-inclusive space.
Who is there to know
Its Greatness, O Mother!
I find myself helpless
In praising It, alas! [verse 9] (Translation by Muni Narayana Prasad)

  • Goddess Sharada Devi is Yogamaya allowing all the divine leelas veiling the Divine with names and forms. She is also the Consciousness that is behind the veil.
  • She is the embodiment of all knowledge and She is the objective of all that one seeks through all knowledge.
  • She is the infinite variety and diversity.
  • She is the unity behind all that diversity.