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Bhand Deva Temple – History – Story – Bhand Devra Temples

Bhand Deva Temple, also known as Bhand Devra Group of Temples, stands proudly on the serene banks of a meteor impact crater lake in Ramgarh village, approximately 40 km from Baran, Rajasthan. The temple complex comprises three significant structures: a Shiva temple and two temples dedicated to the Mother Goddesses, namely Kisnai and Annapurna. One of the prominent features of this site is the grand fair that takes place annually on Kartik Purnima day.

Bhand Deva Temple History

Historical Significance: This temple is a remarkable representation of the Nagar style of temple architecture and is devoted to the Tantric tradition of Saivism. The roots of its existence trace back to the 10th century, credited to Raja Malaya Verma of the Nag dynasty of Malwa. The temple stands as a memorial to the victorious triumph of Raja Malaya Verma over his adversaries. The inscriptions on the temple reveal that it was constructed as an expression of gratitude to Lord Shiva, whom the king held in high esteem.

Bhand Devra Temple Story

The Legend of Raja Malaya Verma: Legend has it that Raja Malaya Verma experienced a divine dream in which Lord Shiva revealed the vulnerabilities and weak points of his enemies. Empowered with this celestial knowledge, the king successfully defeated his foes. Another tale recounts a critical moment in battle when the king, by chance, stumbled upon a Shivling, which miraculously saved him. These mystical events have woven a rich tapestry of legends around the temple.

Architectural Elegance and Erotic Sculptures: The Bhand Deva Temple is not only historically significant but also architecturally captivating. It features Khajuraho-style erotic sculptures, adding an artistic and cultural dimension to its existence. The intricate carvings and detailed designs showcase the craftsmanship of the artisans who contributed to its creation.

Present Condition and Festivals: Despite its historical and architectural importance, the Bhand Deva Temple now stands in a state of dilapidation, echoing the passage of time and the need for preservation. However, the temple continues to be a site of religious significance, especially during the celebration of Mahashivratri, a festival that holds great importance for devotees.

A Bittersweet Reflection: It is poignant to note that such a magnificent temple, adorned with beautiful sculptures and steeped in history, remains neglected and unmaintained. The site, with its tales of victory, divine dreams, and architectural splendor, serves as both a testament to the past and a plea for its preservation for future generations to appreciate and cherish.