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Truth Remains The Same At All Times And Under All Circumstances

Truth is defined as that which remains the same at all times and under all circumstances. Examine: ‘What is that in me which remains the same at all times and under all circumstances?’ You will be surprised to know that there is nothing. My whole body, my whole mind is a constantly changing whirlpool, but there is something behind this whirlpool: Awareness, Consciousness. This Consciousness is always there. What is the real truth of my being? Consciousness, nothing else. 

If Consciousness is the truth of my being, what is the truth of your being? Consciousness. Then what
is the absolute Truth? Only Consciousness. That is what Adi Shankaracharya has proved in his commentaries. Our true nature is chit, Consciousness — loving Consciousness, peaceful Consciousness. That is the truth of our being, any being.

What I see as identification is all superimposed on me. This superimposition was not there before —
the man was not there when I was a baby, my knowledge and experience were not there then. As
I grew, as I am growing, I picked up and am picking up many things, they are all in me now. What is the truth of my being? The pure Consciousness, that’s all, nothing else. That pure Consciousness is called chit in Vedanta.

Any experience that you have in this world does not belong to this kingdom, it comes and goes. The
Kingdom of Heaven is absolute. Likewise, what Buddha called the Light of Truth is also the same
pure Consciousness. Buddha called it ‘Light’ as it illumines, enlightens. The Light of Buddha, the
Kingdom of Heaven in Christianity, and the Atman or Consciousness of Vedanta are not different
things, they are the same. Therefore, what is absolute Truth? The pure Consciousness. Call it Divine
Consciousness or Cosmic Consciousness, as Richard M Bucke (1837–1902) stated. That is the truth.
What is absolute Truth? Cosmic Consciousness. This is inference, mind that. Absolute Truth is inferential, individual truth is experiential. I experience that Consciousness.