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Story Of Sri Krishna And Kind Tailor Of Mathura

The story of Sri Krishna and kind tailor happened when Sri Krishna and Balarama were visiting Mathura for the first time on the invitation of King Kamsa. Balarama and Sri Krishna walked like lions along the streets of Mathura and people of Mathura showered flowers upon them.

A tailor on the streets of Mathura felt great devotion towards Sri Krishna and Balarama. He approached the two young boys and gave them new clothes having different colors and designs. He begged the boys to accept his gifts.

Sri Krishna and Balarama accepted the humble gift and dressed themselves in the splendid attire gifted to them. The two young boys shone like two you elephants of white and blue complexion arrayed for a great festival.

Bhagavan Sri Krishna was pleased with the humility and devotion of the tailor. He blessed the tailor that he will become a rich man and will have a peaceful happy and prosperous life. Krishna also blessed him that he will attain Vaikunta after his death.