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Reason For Dance And Music In Hindu Festivals And Marriages

Dance and music performances are an important part of Hindu festivals and marriages for many Hindu communities especially in North and western parts of India. But why are dance performances part of Hindu functions. This is not a new addition; the only new addition is the millions of rupees paid to Bollywood actors to dance to sleazy item song numbers.

The music and dance performers of earlier ages were meagerly paid and for them it was a long tradition that they were carrying it forward.

It was believed that Hindu Gods and Goddesses especially the Gandharvas used to descent from heaven to watch the performance of the humans. They used to bless the performers and the people.

Earlier it was mandatory for many Hindu communities to invite traditional dance performers, singers, musicians, artists and story tellers to perform at marriages, festivals and during auspicious occasions. It was believed the family that invites the performers will be blessed by Gandharvas - artistic performers of heaven.

It was also part of a long tradition to keep regional music, dance and other art forms thriving.