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Kollemcode Devi Temple Timing – Puja – Darshan and Opening Time at Bhadrakali Temple at Kollemcode in Kannyakumari

Kollemcode Devi Temple, located at Kollemcode in Kannyakumari in Tamil Nadu, is dedicated to Goddess Bhakrakali. Kollemcode Devi Temple Timings are given below. Please note that the darshan timing will be extended during festivals and important rituals. The opening and closing time will be curtailed when there is grahan or eclipse. Kollemcode Devi Temple Morning Timings 5:00 AM to 11:45 AM Evening Timings 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM The temple will have extended hours during festivals especially the Thookkam festival on Bharani Nakshatram in Meenam month (March – April).

Shradh Food Offerings to Crow

One of the unique rituals followed during Shradh is offering food to crows. A part of the food that is cooked for ancestors, dead parents and relatives are offered to crows while performing Shradh, Tarpan and Pinda Daan. This is based on the belief that food offered to crows directly reach ancestors in their world. It is believed that food offerings to crows began in the Treta Yuga and it was Sri Ram who blessed crows to receive food offerings for ancestors. Once during his exile period Sri Ram noticed that a crow was troubling Mata Sita. The crow started hurting Sita by pecking on her head. Sri Ram to get rid of the crow took hay and used it as an arrow and shot at the crow. The hay struck on an eye of the crow and it fell down. Suddenly the crow changed into a human being. The crow was Jayant, son of Indra, who due to a curse had become a crow. With Sri Ram shooting the crow down, it was relieved of the curse. Sri Ram then forgave Jayant for attacking Mata

Shradh for Women - Avidhva Navami Shradh during Pitru Paksha Fortnight

Avidhva, or Avidhava Navami Shradh, is observed on the ninth day of the Pitru Paksha fortnight and is dedicated to women who did not die as a widow. It is observed during the waning phase of moon (Krishna Paksha) in Ashwin month. Avidhva Navami Shradh 2017 date is September 14. Avidhava Navami Shradh rituals and rites are strictly followed for women who died when their husbands were alive. The Avidha Navami rituals vary from region to region and from community to community. But in all regions on the day, Shradh is performed for one's mother or any other woman in the family, who did not die a widow. In the rituals, instead of deities, demigods known as dhurilochan whose eyes remain half closed are invoked. Dhuri means smoke and lochan means eyes; their eyes remain half closed due to smoke. In some regions, the Shradh rituals are not performed on the day. Instead food or meal is offered to the married woman’s soul. Some people also feed a Sumangali (married women) on t