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Sri Bhagandeshwara Temple at Talacauvery in Karnataka

Talakaveri is the source of Cauvery River. Talacauvery is located around 5 km from Bhagamandala. Talakaveri Temple is a small shrine at the source of Cauvery River and it can be approached by walking or through motorable road from Bhagamandala. Sri Bhagandeshwara Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The Shivling worshipped in the temple belonged to Bhaganda Maharshi.

Legend has it that Sri Bhaganda Maharshi did severe penance to appease Lord Subramanya and Lord Shiva. Lord Subramanya blessed the saint and the place, named the area as Skanda Kshetra, and manifested in the form of a murti (idol).

She saint continued his penance; pleased with the worship Lord Shiva blessed Sri Bhaganda Maharshi and assured him of his divine presence in the place. Sri Bhaganda Maharshi installed a Shiva Linga, invoked in it the divine presence of Lord Shiva, and worshipped it.

Since the Shivling was installed by Sri Bhaganda Maharshi it became popular and known as Sri Bhagandeshwara.

The shrine is located near the Triveni Sangama. The Triveni Sangama at Bhagamandala is formed out of the confluence of three rivers namely Sri Cauvery, Sri Kanika and Sri Sujyothi.

The main murti worshiped in the temple is the Shivling. There is also a murti of Subrahmanya. Subsidiary deities include Nagas, Ganesha and Mother Goddess.

Important festivals observed in the shrine are Shivratri(Feb or March), Subrahmanya Sashti (November end or December) and Talacauvery Tula Sankramana Festival. The annual festival at Bhagandeshwara Temple is observed for three days in April.