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Mogili Temple – Sri Mogileswara Swamy Temple Dedicated to Shiva at Mogili in Chittoor District

Mogili Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is known as Sri Mogileswara Swamy Temple. It is located at Mogili Village on the Mumbai – Chennai Highway and is around 22 west of Chittoor town. The temple was constructed by pepper merchants and it belongs to the 10th century AD.

Lord Shiva is worshipped in the linga form in the sanctum sanctorum. Mother Goddess Shakti is worshipped here as Kamakshi.

The temple also has murtis of Chandeswara, Dakshinamurti, Virabhadra, Ganapati, Bhairava, Kumara, Goddess Parvati, Vishnu, Umasahita Chandrasekhara murti, Mahishasuramardini, Brahma and Surya.

Mogili Temple is unique because of the fact that it is entirely in the chola style and does not contain any structural additions of the Vijayanagara period.

The portrait sculptures on the pillars in the mukhamandapa are good specimens of the folk art of the period.

The murti of Veerabhadra in the temple is unique as it seen along with Daksha Prajapati with goat head.

This ancient temple is a must visit as it is a classic example of Chola Style of Temple architecture.