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Binikei Pitha – Temple dedicated to Goddess Binikei near Athamallik in Angul Odisha

Binikei Pitha is a shrine located amidst dense forest at Binikei near Athamallik in Angul District in Odisha. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Binikia or Binikei. The temple is on banks of Mahanadi River and is around 25 km from Athamallik.

The history of Maa Binikei Temple is vague. There are no proper historical records. Some scholars believe the present shrine was constructed during the 19th century. It is believed that the murti was recovered during the 9th century AD.

The Murti or Idol of Goddess Binikei worshipped here is a fierce one. She is seen as standing on a man. She also holds the body of another man. Thus the murti symbolizes destruction of evil and protection of devotees.

She removes darkness caused by people practicing Adharma. She upholds righteousness by protecting those who practice Dharma.

She is also worshipped by Tantrics. Thus the temple is also a Tantric center.

The important festival observed here is Dol Yatra during Holi Period in March.