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Pusan God in Hindu Religion

Pusan is one of the names of Surya, the sun god in Hinduism. It is considered to be the sixth name of the sun god. The name pusan is recited during surya namaskara and while offering prayers. He is praised in the Rig Veda in numerous hymns.

Pusan means one who nourishes.

He is the protector of all beings. He nourishes and protect all living begins including cattle.

Pusan is also referred as the brother of Indra.

He is offered prayers in the Vedas to bring back horses, cows, sheep and other livestocks.

He is also offered prayers to keep livestocks away from diseases and injuries.

Pusan also drives away enemies and brings their wealth.

Apart from Rig Veda, chants dedicated to Pusan are found in Asvalayana Grihyasutra and Samkhayana Grihyasutra.