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Ulagalanda Perumal – About Hindu God Ulagalanda Perumal

Ulagalanda Perumal is the name of the Vamana Avatar of Vishnu in South India, especially in Tamil Nadu. Ulagalanda Perumal means the lord who measured the universe (with three strides).

King Bali, great-grandson of Hiranyakasipu and grandson of Prahlada, conquered the three worlds and ruled them. He followed Dharma and was famous for charity and justice.

Indra, the chief of celestial beings or Devas, was thus superseded.

Indra approached Lord Vishnu to stop King Bali from attaining the position of Indra.

Vishnu went in the guise of a Dwarf Brahmana, a student of the Vedas (brahmacharin), and begged of Bali for three feet of land on which he could sit and meditate on Brahman undisturbed.

The generous Bali granted the request.

But to his astonishment the Dwarf grew to a height transcending the world. In one step he measured the entire earth. In next step he measured the sky.

Vishnu then demanded King Bali to show him room for the third step.

True to his promise, Bali offered his own head, on which the god placed his foot and sent him down to the netherworld.

Greatly pleased with the king's nobility and firmness of character, Vishnu guards the palace of Bali in the netherworld.

The most famous temple dedicated to Ulagalanda Perumal is located at Kanchipuram.