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All living beings desire to be happy always without misery – Ramana Maharshi

The disciple’s experience of the Master’s Grace, whereby he gets spiritual awakening, is likened unto that of the elephant waking up from sleep on seeing a lion in his dream. Just as the mere sight of the dream-lion wakes up the elephant from his sleep, even so the mere gracious glance of the Master dispels the disciple’s sleep of ignorance and awakens him to the Real.

All living beings desire to be happy always without misery. To gain that happiness which is our nature and which is experience in the state of deep sleep where there is no mind, one should know one’s self. For that the path of knowledge, the enquiry of ‘who am I’ is the principal means.

The man who has not experienced his own real Self, thinking ‘I am this body’, sees himself as ‘I’, the first person of grammar. He sees another person whom he calls ‘you’, and refers to third persons as ‘he’.

These three distinct persons are not real. They are seen on account of the false notion ‘I am the body’. When the ego-soul is lost as a result of the quest of the real Self, only that Self, consciousness alone, will shine.
– Ramana Maharshi