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Sidhbari Hanuman – Digambara Temple at Sidhbari in Himachal Pradesh

Sidhbari Hanuman is a 22 feet high murti of Hanuman. It is located on the vicinity of the Sandeepany Ashrama of Chinmaya Mission at Sidhbari in Himachal Pradesh. The shrine is also known as Digambara Hanuman Temple.

It is said that trees used to not grow in the region due to high velocity winds. Swami Chinmayananda then decided to erect a murti of Hanuman at Sidhbari. Swami Chinmayananda said on the occasion "We will install Pavanaputra Hanuman here in a Digambara temple. His grace will not only mellow the Wind-God and allow the trees to grow in the ashram but will also enable us to crystallize the Sankalpa of having a Rama Mandir for the Pahadi people."

Hanuman is placed on the pedestal having eight sides. There are eight verses inscribed around the pedestal, one on each side.

Today there are numerous trees in the Ashram.

Pavanputra Hanuman is seated at Sidhbari under the milky sky, open to the embrace of his father, Vayu, the Wind God. Hanumanji successfully keeps the damaging winds at bay.

By worshipping the deity, one gains strength, courage, fame, alertness, eloquence and wisdom.

Once in five years a consecration ceremony (Mahamastakabhishekam) of the murti is performed for which devotees from all parts of the world gather.