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Story of Sage Mudgala and Durvasa

Story of Sage Mudgala and Durvasa is found in the Chapter 261 of Vana Parva in the Mahabharata. Sage Mudgala was content with what he got and he ate very rarely. The fame of Sage Mudgala spread around the world. Sage Durvasa once decided to test the holiness of Mudgala.

Sage Durvasa went to Sage Mudgala who was doing intense austerities in Kurukshetra. The hot-tempered sage demanded some food from Mudgala.

Mudgala gave Durvasa all the food he had with him. Durvasa left the ashrama after eating a part of the food and smearing his body with the rest of it. Mudgala starved on the day.

This process was repeated by Durvasa for six days, but Mudgala never felt or showed any offence.

Greatly pleased at the firm righteousness of Mudgala, Durvasa blessed him to ascend to heaven. Immediately a vimana descended from Vishnu Loka and carried Mudgala to heaven.