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A Temple in Banda in Uttar Pradesh Dedicated to Lovers

There is a temple on the banks of the Majha River at Banda in Uttar Pradesh which attracts lovers from region on Makar Sankranti day (January 14). The temple is dedicated to a Nat youth and a princess. During the fair, lovers in the region take bath in Majha River and pledge before the deity that they will never separate.

Sanjay Pandey writes in Deccan Herald about this unique temple

‘The temple is the symbol of the tragic love story of a youth and a princess. The princess, while visiting the river once, had fallen in love with a Nath youth and wanted to marry him,’ temple priest Ghanshyam Pandit said.

When the girl’s father came to know about the affair, he tried to dissuade his daughter from the love tangle. When she did not relent, he put a tough condition before the youth, asking him to walk on a rope tied from the nearby by hills to the fort.

Nath community members are experts in walking on ropes tied to two ends of poles.

The rope was too weak and gave in, just when the youth was about to reach his destination. The young lover fell down and died. On hearing this, the princess also committed suicide, the priest said.

'From then onwards, lovers assemble here and take pledge before the deity never to part ways or separate,' Pandit said.

Banda is about 219 km from Lucknow the capital of Uttar Pradesh.