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Datta Navratri – Datta Navratra

Datta Navratri or Datta Navratra is the nine days of rituals and prayers observed by certain Hindu communities especially in western parts of India. There is very little information available on this particular Navratra except that it is observed a couple of times in a year. The Datta Navratri coincides with the Magh Mahina Navratri observed in North India.

Apart from the two popular Navratris that is observed in Chaitra (March – April) and Ashwin (September – December) month, there are numerous other Navratris that is dedicated to other deities the popular among it is the Banashankari Navratri and Shakabmabari Devi Navratri. Datta Navratri is one such observance which is limited to a particular Hindu community and region.