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Shri Ram Charan Maharaj Jayanti – Ramsnehi Sampradaya

Sri Ram Charan Maharaj is an 18th century saint who found the religious tradition Ramsnehi Sampradaya. Shri Ram Charan Maharaj Jayanti 2024 date is February 23. He inspired his devotees to follow the transcendent Bhakti way and asked them to shun all sorts of hypocrisy and showy rituals. Shri Ram Charan Maharaj Jayanti marks the birth anniversary of this pious soul.

Shri Ram Charan Maharaj was born on the Chaturdashi day during the Shukla Paksha in Magh month in Rajasthan.

Shri Ram Charan Maharaj was inclined towards spiritualism from childhood. But he followed the wishes of his parents and started a family life. But the death of his father and numerous dreams that he saw thereafter kindled the spirit of inquiry in him. He took permission from his family and went in search of a Guru. He found his Guru in Kripa Ram Maharaj.

After getting initiated by his Guru, Shri Ram Charan Maharaj is believed to have performed numerous miracles to prove that rituals are veil that hide truth from human beings.

His followers formed the Ramsnehi Sampradaya (Spiritual Tradition) based on his teachings.