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Why do we Hindus take bath during Surya Grahan or Solar Eclipse in Holy Rivers?

Sun or Surya has been part of worship in Hinduism from time immemorial. The legend of the Surya Grahan, or Solar Eclipse, is traced to the Puranas and the famous incident of the Samudra Madana or Churning of ocean. Scriptures suggest that taking holy dip in holy rivers like Ganga, Yamuna, Kaveri and in teerthas like Brahma Sarover in Kurukshetra in Haryana will help in removing the stains of the Adharmic activities performed by people in this birth and previous births. It is seen as the best form of worship and ritual to attain Moksha – escape from cycle of birth and rebirth.

Another popular belief is that this rare and unique solar phenomenon – the alignment of sun, moon and earth – generates curative properties in holy waters of the rivers and ponds.
So we Hindus take bath during Grahan
  • To wash away the sins
  • To attain moksha
  • And due to the curative properties found in the water during the period
The Time to Take Bath during Grahan
Today, Hindus take bath during any period of the Grahan. Elders and scriptures suggest that the bath taken when the Surya Grahan starts (sparsha) and those taken when the grahana ends (moksha) is more auspicious and helpful.

Holy bath performed at the beginning of Solar Eclipse or Grahana gets result that is equal to performing 100,000 holy dips in various holy rivers and ponds. The holy dip performed after the end of solar eclipse or Moksha Nantara Snana gets one the result of performing uncountable Snans in holy rivers and teerthas.

Importance of taking holy dip at Brahma Sarover in Kurukshetra
The holy bath taken in the Brahma Sarover in Kurukshetra during eclipse is of even greater importance.

It is widely believed that to bath in the in Brahma Sarover in Kurukshetra is equal to performing the famous Ashwa Medha Yajna or Yagam mentioned in several Hindu scriptures. It is also said that all the holy waters in the rivers mentioned in the Hindu scriptures flow to the Brahma Sarover Tirth during solar eclipse. You can more read about Brahma Saravor Snan here.

But do all people taking Holy bath during Surya Grahan attain Moksha?
This doubt was once raised by Goddess Parvati to Lord Shiva. To find answer to the divine question the divine couple attended one such Mela. You can read about this interesting story here.