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Earlang – Hindu Emperor of Java

Earlang was an 11 th century Hindu emperor of Java who propagated Hinduism in Java (Indonesia) and Bali . He propagated Vaishnavism (worship of Vishnu as the Supreme God). Earlang was the son of Dharmodayan Dev Varman, king of Bali, and Mahender Dutta. Earlang and his family supported the Hindu missionary, Kuturan. The royal currency issued by Earlang had engravings of Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi seated on Garuda (the eagle). He was so much impressed by the concept of four Ashramas in Hinduism that he took the ascetic way of life in his old age. He was referred as Gentyu (Rishi in his old age) Related Nyepi - Hindu New Year in Bali

Story - Shiva And Panchalika Gana Associated With Holi Festival

Panchalika was one of the Shiva Ganas. Legend has it that once Shiva remembered about Sati, who killed herself at the Daksha Yajna . Shiva was filled with memories of Sati and he began to weep. Ganas tried to console Shiva but they failed to console Shiva. Panchalika asked Shiva to give his sorrow. Shiva’s sorrow was causing imbalance in universe and this could cause havoc. So Panchalika requested Shiva to transfer the sorrow to him. Shiva then transferred the sorrow to Panchalika. Instead of weeping, Panchalika transformed the sorrow into hope. He found happiness in the joy that will follow sorrow. Pleased with the devotion of Panchalika, Shiva gave him the boon that he will be remembered during the Holi festival , when harsh winter gives way to spring. Related Holi Festival and Lord Krishna