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Asthi Sanchaya - Hindu Ritual of Collecting Bones after Cremation

Asthi Sanchaya is the rite of picking up the charred bones of a dead person after cremation in Hindu religion. It is collected on the fourth day after cremation. This is an important ritual after cremation.

The performer of the rites walk thrice around the spot where the body is cremated, with his/her left side turned towards the spot, sprinkles milk mixed with water with shami branch. The person mutters the Vedic mantra sittike (Rig Veda 10.16.14).

After this, with the thumb and fourth finger of the left hand, the person picks and puts each bone, with closed eyes into an earthen pot, without making a rattling noise.

The bones of feet are taken first and those of head last.

It is then put in a pit, or kept at the root of a tree, or hung from the branch of a tree.

The bones are immersed in the sacred river or sea.

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