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We then play to play not to win

Our aim in life should be to directly experience the true reality behind all the forms in the universe.

We are impressed and inspired when read or hear spiritual teachings. We decide to follow them. Either we become blind followers or drop following halfway through. We should read and listen to spiritual teachings but stop following them blindly. Think. Contemplate over them. Then chalk out our own path. Then we will be able to lead a better and fruitful life. Only then will we be able to have self realization. Until then what we are having is borrowed realization.

When we realize the unlimited universal Self, we learn more about the limitations of our body, mind and intellect. 

We have been fed this wrong notion that we are an island. In the island, we are supposed to have only certain type of people, ideas and beliefs. This is wrong. By supporting this wrong teaching, we are limiting ourselves. That life force which is present in me is present in all animate and inanimate. This knowledge helps us in widening our horizon. We will no longer be narrowed down by wrong teachings and dogmas. When this knowledge dawns, our tolerance level will increase. We will not then need walls and barbed wires. They might be eating different food, their dress code might be different and their gods might be different but they are all part of that unlimited universal Self. Having said this, please do not try to inject our ideas into another person. Let the person realize it. A major problem that we face today is that people say they are correct and they want other people to follow them. If we know the truth, we should keep it and not go around advertising it or forcefully selling them. Share it only with someone who is eagerly seeking it.

There is no goal to be achieved outside. 

We need not climb a cliff or move a mountain. All we need to do is break free of all limitations and know that we are the Supreme Truth. We are always searching for That. We travel around the world in search of That. We become follower, we unfollow, we again follow, we become blind followers, then we curse and then again we search for someone to follow. All this futile exercise is to know That. But That which we are searching is inside us. We just need to realize it. Perhaps what we need is some quiet time and a quiet and peaceful place. This will help us in diving deep into our true self. Silence the mind. Stop all thoughts. What remains that is the real you. We all experience this in deep sleep. Now we need to experience it in the wakeful state.

Do away with egoism because there is no another here.

There is no one to fight. There is no one to defeat. Success, defeat, achievements all this are illusions. To fight, to defeat there must be a second. There is no second here. There is only That Single Supreme Truth. When we are able to realize this; work becomes easier and our games become real games – we begin to enjoy them. We then play to play not to win. We then work to work not to achieve something.

Abhilash Rajendran