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Pradosh Vrat Food – What Can Be Eaten On Pradosh Fasting?

Pradosh Vrat is an important Upvaas (fasting) dedicated to Lord Shiva. Millions of Hindu devotees observe Pradosh Vrat, which is considered highly auspicious by Shiva devotees. The traditional approach is to abstain from food completely on the day. But nowadays a complete fast is not possible for many people. Such people consume certain food items on the Pradosh Vrat day and observe only a partial fast.

The most preferred Ekadasi fasting food is Sabudana Khichadi with potatoes and groundnut – but no onion and garlic.

Some people opt for a complete fruit diet.

Fresh and dried fruits, milk products, and nuts can be consumed on the day.

You can take gruel or kanji on the day at night.

Drink lots of water.